What People Say About us

Our daughter, has been learning to swim with Ms Chelsea (and Ms Lindsay whenever the former is away) almost close to the academic year now. 
It’s been a pleasure to have her teach our daughter, bringing her out slowly and patiently into the water calming some of her fears has been quite a journey. I notice the patience and kindness shown and yet firm way of handling my child and am happy with our decision to have chosen this academy. 
My daughter is 4.5 so hasn’t yet moved on to the next level as still afraid to put her face into the water, am hoping she will soon! 
Overall a fantastic teacher, thank you Ms Chelsea (and Ms Lindsay).


 “We are pleased to state that our daughter Riya Surve (Age 9) has showed tremendous improvement in her swimming performance after joining Absolute Swimming UAE in June 2016. Riya had been part of another swimming academy for the previous 3 years and we were really worried as she was lagging behind in swimming competitions. This Academic Year (2016-2017) she was very delighted after being chosen in the Uptown School Swim Squad for the first time and her School Coach (who has seen Riya swim for the past 3 years in the school) is astounded by her amazing strides since June 2016.
We express our utmost gratitude to Head Coach Martin and the other wonderful coaches Kieron and Chelsea for their dedication, work ethic, team spirit and continuous focus on improving the technique, speed and stamina for those training under them. 
It has been a delight to be associated with Absolute Swimming UAE and we look forward to a long happy relationship with them.

Shridhar & Nita Surve

We joined Absolute Swimming after our sons enjoyed swim games with Coach Mike at a school camp. Absolute Swimming has helped our sons become more confident swimmers while developing a love to swim. The coaches are caring while challenging the students to do their best.

Jabrina Robinson

We are very happy since our kids enrolled to Absolute Swimming Academy. Every lesson their techniques are continuously revised and corrected. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Sarah, Mike and Anastasiya for your patience, attention and commitment with the kids.

Gammiero family

We are thrilled to have made the move to Coach Mike Caffrey with Absolute Swimming - they have been extremely professional and I can already see what a difference they have made with stroke correction and the kids enjoyment! We have trained with a number of outfits in Dubai and Absolute Swimming is by far the standout!

Cathy Ellis

 In 2012, we had our son Antonio assessed by Mike at Absolute. At the time we were only looking to have Antonio involved in a recreational activity during his free time and away from watching television or electronics! Three years since and there is an evident evolution. Aside from the physical development (fitness levels, physical posture - weight control, muscle mass etc), we are most proud of the social skills and the discipline the Academy and the Sport has equipped Antonio with as part of their development program. He has evolved into a responsible and confident young man, with great social skills. He has a "THING" to talk about now when he is out - obviously his THING is swimming. He has made friends whom he has traveled internationally with and competed alongside. He is very proud of HIS club as he calls it and very much enjoys the warm relationship he has with the coaching team. If you are looking to have your child take up swimming, Absolute Swimming Academy is the perfect club as it provides a warm and friendly environment that allows for a personalized development program for your child - unlike other larger clubs where your child would only be a number.


We are very pleased with the good job Coach Mike is doing. We are seeing very good results within the short period of time that Darren has been with you and Darren looks forward to swimming. He says swimming (and football) is his life.


 “My 10 year old son has been with Coach Mike @ Absolute Swimming Academy for about 10 months now. The training rigor, attention to detail & focus on technique at the Academy is phenomenal. I am impressed to see how my son has scaled up as a swimmer in this short span & is now ready to graduate to Performance Squads.


Our son has started with Absolute swimming academy for over a year and he's had tremendously improved his swimming and more importantly his confidence - all thanks to a great coach continously coaching and motivating each kid with an enormous ability to consciously and professionally handle several kids in one pool!

George, Father of Basil

The children work hard, but enjoy themselves. The pace of development is fast but Sarah and Mike strike a balance between challenging the kids to do better but without losing sight of making the sport fun. My children look forward to their sessions and, most of all, the competitions


I would like to thanks mike for coaching my son Ethan Lim . My son loves the way of Mike's guiding! My son from has gone from zero swimming knowledge to swim confidently in the pool. I felt very very proud of my son.


I signed up my 4 year old daughter, Aleezeh, for classes with Coach Hannah in Jan 2014, and was very pleasantly surprised by the enormous progress she made and continues to make with every class. Coach Hannah has a fun coaching style that makes classes a joy. Equally importantly she has an inherent ability to connect with children and cater to their unique coaching needs. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for making my daughter's swim learning journey a really pleasant and exciting one. I would recommend Coach Hannah without hesitation as an outstanding swimming instructor

Tahira Khan

Thank you so much for absolute swimming academy! You may find many swimming instructors but your team is beyond that, you make the children love the water. Can't forget the day when my child used to cry to get into the pool and today he wants to swim with you everyday of the week. This passion is all because of your honest coaching! Equality to all children, punctuality to another level and friendliness in your approach makes you stand apart. Great going!

Mommy of jehan (7 yrs) arhaan (4yrs)

We are fortunate that our son Rashid has coach Mike as his swimming instructor. Mike is amazing! He managed easily to win over Rashid. Mike knew how to engage Rashid, motivate him and get the best out of him. Rashid has developed his swimming skills tremendously since he started with Mike and no other instructor managed to help Rashid as much as Mike did. Thank you coach Mike!

Razan and Rashid Sinokrot

Mike has really invested in my children over the two years that he has coached them. He demands their best effort at every practice - and his firmness, humour and praise gets it out of them. Thanks Mike!


The Academy is a safe training solution for toddlers. The trainers are very professional and they allow parents to supervise while the kids are getting trained. I am so happy that I enrolled with their program for training my 3 year old.


The Academy provided a very through fitness regime for me with a relaxing atmosphere and professional trainers.