Perfomance Squad

Performance Squad

Absolute Swimming Performance Squads is a competitive pathway that nurtures committed athletes and allows them to flourish

We believe in strong skills and drills from a young age and re-enforce these in every session. As the athletes move through the club they are given more opportunities to compete and compete at a higher level. We give all athletes a programme that allows them to achieve the best out of their swimming

Currently we have 4 squads: PS 1, 2, 3 and 4. Training begins from 4 hours per week in PS4, increasing to 11 hours in PS Elite. As the athletes become more committed to their training schedule they are given more responsibilities. Not only does this improve their swimming skills, it also improves their social, interaction and intellectual skills.

All our venues are equipped to cater for top competitive swimmers and have starting blocks, lane ropes and backstroke flags